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Family Law/Divorice

The end of a marriage is a life event that brings enormous change. Going through a Divorce or Dissolution is often a difficult, tension filled experience for most people. We understand this and our experienced attorneys and staff will help guide you through the process. We recognize that many cases will be resolvable through negotiation and, in those cases, we are prepared to provide creative solutions to achieve our client’s objectives. We also understand that some cases can only be resolved through litigation. In those circumstances, our attorneys have the skills and perseverance to vigorously pursue the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Divorce or Dissolution are the two primary ways marriages can be terminated in Ohio.

  • Divorce is an adversarial process where one party files a complaint for divorce. If the parties cannot reach an agreement regarding an allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, spousal support and property division, the court will conduct a trial and make an order concerning these issues.
  • Dissolution, on the other hand, is a process which is usually more amicable than a divorce. Often, it is faster and less time consuming than a divorce. In a dissolution, both parties negotiate an agreement which addresses all issues pertaining to the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, spousal support and property division. The parties’ agreement is set forth in a separation agreement. The parties then petition the court to approve their agreement and terminate the marriage.

It is important that you have an experienced attorney who can advise you as to the requirements of Ohio law and the standards of the Domestic Relations Court in order that you make an agreement that is fair and equitable and in your best interest.

Below are some of the important concepts we help our clients work through:

  • Property Division: It is important to strive for an equitable division of marital property, assets and debts. We work with our clients to identify whether property is marital or separate. Once marital property is identified, we help our clients to equitably divide these assets, while protecting your rights.
  • Child Support: In Ohio, Child Support is calculated by mandatory guidelines. The Ohio Child Support Worksheet takes into account the parties earnings, other income and many other important factors. Our skilled attorneys will make sure the amount is determined in a fair manner, whether you are paying or receiving child support.
  • Spousal Support: In Ohio, Spousal Support, formally known as alimony, is awarded on a case by case basis. In awarding Spousal Support, the court will consider many factors including, the length of the marriage, the earning capacity of the parties, the age and education of the parties and their respective health. Spousal Support can be awarded on either a temporary or permanent basis. We will work with our client’s to make sure that any award of Spousal Support is equitable and fair.

Prenuptial Agreement

While not needed by everyone, prenuptial agreements can be a very important tool to protect a party’s property and interests when entering into a marriage relationship. These agreements are often designed to protect those who have significant assets and or separate property such as inheritances or businesses.

Many times clients consider a prenuptial agreement if:

  • They have been previously married
  • They have children from a prior relationship
  • They have significant assets they wish to protect
  • They own a business
  • They wish to avoid future litigation and uncertainty

It is important to have an attorney who can recognize the important legal issues and draft a prenuptial agreement that will be enforced by the courts. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you with these matters.

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